Art And Craft

Gathering Craft Supplies

Some people are worried that they’re not actually going to save much money on homemade cards or other homemade gift items, since they’re just going to have to pay for all of the components anyway. However, as anyone who has ever prepared anything from scratch can tell you, you’re paying for the labor as well as the ingredients when you purchase something that was already made for you. In many cases, you’re also paying for the advertising. However, you don’t have to go nuts at the Hobby Lobby or other craft store in order to get all of your crafting supplies. You just have to be really good at saving things.

I’ll get a present from someone, and I’ll immediately save the wrapping paper, the ribbon, and anything else that goes with it. I’ll do the same thing for the box, especially if it’s a little gift box. Whenever I purchase almost anything, I’ll immediately wonder if there’s any way that I can actually use any of its components in a card or a scrapbook some day, regardless of how small it is or how unlikely it is as a part of a scrapbook.

If you’re worried that doing this is going to make you look like someone who hoards things, you shouldn’t be. I basically just keep an old shoe box full of a bunch of this stuff. Since I make cards and scrapbooks pretty frequently, the shoe box is periodically emptied and refilled, so there’s no worry about it overflowing and me ending up with a bunch of stuff that I didn’t even want or need. I highly recommend that all crafts-oriented people become good at saving things, which will ultimately help them save money.