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Making Wedding Invitations

Making Wedding Invitations

At my wedding, I can tell you that I made each and every one of the wedding invitations. I have a calligraphy set and I actually made all of them by hand. I spent the afternoon on it, but the problem was over by morning. I’m actually not sure if anyone noticed that they were homemade. I know that I got some positive feedback on the invitations, so I can at least say that people actually did like my wedding invitations. I can also tell you that I saved around five hundred dollars, given the cost of wedding invitations in general. I did need some new calligraphy ink afterward, but that was a pretty small price to pay literally and figuratively.

If you want to make your own wedding invitations by hand, it does help if you know calligraphy or some other type of fancy handwriting. However, it’s definitely not anything resembling a requirement, especially in the digital age. There’s nothing about homemade wedding invitations or homemade anything else that says that they have to be made by hand in order to count. The important thing is that you made them yourself and that you didn’t have to add another five hundred dollars to a bash that was already really expensive.

The idea that people should spend five hundred dollars on wedding invitations is usually nothing but conspicuous consumption anyway. You’re spending this lofty amount of money because you can spend this lofty amount of money, and not because you really love all of those expensive wedding invitations. If you really did want those wedding invitations, then you should definitely get them. This is your special day, after all. However, if you don’t really want them, you shouldn’t feel compelled to get them just because your friends and relatives all had expensive wedding invitations at their weddings.

You’re really only assuming that they did anyway, even if they told you all about it. For all you know, they made theirs too, and they’re just trying to pass them off as professional wedding invitations. I can tell you that if you have enough skill in the design department, it can be really hard to tell the difference.

The worst part about the idea that people have to spend a lot on their weddings is the simple idea that how much you spend is somehow a measure of your love for your significant other. Spend a lot of money on the wedding if you want, down to the very last detail, but it doesn’t mean that you love your spouse any more or any less than if you had simply spent one thousand dollars or less. I do think that submitting homemade wedding invitations, in a way, helps drive that message home. You’re making it clear that the materialistic aspect of weddings isn’t the most important thing for you. That doesn’t mean that people who go in the other direction are necessarily materialistic, but it does help set you apart from the people that genuinely are.