Art And Craft

Adding Some “Edge” to Your Crafts

I love arts and crafts because they are so open ended. Anything goes. You can make things that no one has ever seen before with the simplest of materials and tools. If you love sewing, there are loads of projects in this vein. If you prefer scrapbooking, you can be a winner at organizing photos in novel ways. If you prefer handmade cards, people will love your personal flair. Paint, sculpt, throw a pot, etch, draw –get into a medium that produces a vision of beauty or at least a thing of interest and wonder.

Arts and crafts, as compared to fine art, are a bit more practical. You make things to use, to send to others, to display as decoration, or to admire for a time in a given place. They aren’t meant to last forever unless you fashion pots in clay. They include jewelry making, fashion design, book illustration, and knitting. Nothing that is creative escapes the designation. You should try your hand at multiple items to find your own final style. You could end up taking on a new hobby or pastime for life.

Every once in a while someone comes up with an entirely new way of doing things that used to be traditional, and sometimes routine. You want to think outside the box whenever you can and stop doing the same old same old. I am thinking about a website I recently viewed called Staple Slinger that reviews staple guns. They are light weight, made of plastic, and very suitable for arts and crafts. They come in electric and manual models. Sometimes the simpler version is best. A hand-held staple gun requires a little pressure compared to the electric one, but it can be safer and less likely to go awry.

I started thinking how easy and fun it would be to add some “edge” to my crafts with this device. I could certainly spruce up my scrapbooking with colorful borders that look like custom stitching. I could make numerous wall decorations that would actually stay in place during a birthday party onslaught of kids. Staplers can do double duty then as adornment and as a way to affix things securely. They can go way beyond collating and binding term papers and essays. In a pinch, they can repair a costume right before your little tyke goes on stage.

Arts and crafts are about using existing tools and materials in new ways. I am sure you can think up lots of ideas on your own. It is an entire industry that is devoted to handiwork. Some people love to refashion their environments and populate them with personal handmade artistry. Others like gift giving and the joy it brings. Still more teach their children to sit quietly, get off the computer, and work with their hands to develop dexterity and control. They become so proud when they show their work to others! Everyone is a candidate for some type of creative process. You can get your hands dirty by digging into clay or keep them clean with turpentine. You can pick at choose your medium according to your mood. In short, arts and crafts keep us busy, sane, creative, and productive. They are the best of many worlds.