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Not a Dank, Dark Dungeon anymore!

It’s great to have a basement–of any size. They become multi-purpose spaces. Many homes in parts of the country like California do not have them, which is such a shame. A basement adds square footage to an abode that is useful for entertaining, crafting, or just housing guests. Some of these areas are as big as the entire upstairs living premises. You often have to fix them up a bit to make them habitable, however, as they can be loaded with moisture and mold.

So if you have one, use it, but there are often problems involved. No one wants to breathe dank air, even for a few hours. Your lungs feel weird and your mouth and throat coated. You have to fix up most basements if you are not lucky enough to find one redone. If the remodeling doesn’t completely do the job (sealing windows and doors to the outside), however, there is always a handy dehumidifier. With this trusty appliance, large enough to service the entire area, it won’t be a dark dungeon anymore.

I went so far as to get a really large humidifier designed for basements so I could move my craft room out of the main house. My pastime was taking offer the house and things were getting misplaced and forever gone. I have a lot of scrapbooking supplies and photos, for example, which can attract moisture damage in a flash. Damp air is just plain unpleasant for humans and inanimate objects alike. Once damp, a piece of paper’s usefulness is lost.

A dehumidifier is a marvelous machine that can be programmed to run as long as you need it to (meaning round the clock) in order to extract unwanted moisture and mold from the air. I have one that claims to remove 70 pints of dampness in a 24-hour time frame. Wow! Sounds good. It was selected for my particular humidity level (moderately damp). It covers 2,000 square feet with optimal removal and has electronic controls with a precision humidistat. It is quite at home in the basement. Dank air has met its match. A dehumidifier won’t break the bank either and many are found at discount online.

It is much more pleasant being down below now doing my arts and crafts. I have been known to sit for hours at a crack, and now it is without a breathing struggle (good health is always an additional imperative). Plus, the various goods that I use, predominantly delicate and unusual papers, survive best without moisture. I know people who store crafts in their basements without a dehumidifier, and the paper gets spotty and moldy sometimes, especially during the dog days of summer. You must carefully wrap and protect everything. With dry air provided, I don’t have to spend time going to these extremes.

So I am touting ownership of something you probably never considered and now should be on your “must buy” list. It will service multiple purposes in your home and earn its keep well. A basement need not be wasted and neglected due to dankness and moisture.