Art And Craft

One Less Thing to Think About

I’m pretty busy so if I have one less thing to think about, that’s fine with me. I am always doing arts and crafts projects for myself, my kids, and my friends, so I can’t be rushing to the store for this and that, such as replacement batteries for my watch. I have to take short cuts where I can, and one way is to buy an automatic watch. Nothing too pricey mind you, just a nice gold-toned designer look automatic watch under $500. My old watch seemed to eat through batteries in no time flat. They didn’t last. I would rather spend my money on art supplies than short life batteries. This is one chore I won’t miss.

Why an automatic watch? I just explained the savings on time and money getting batteries. You also don’t have to wind this type of timepiece. It functions at the move of your wrist. Wear it all day and it will keep perfect time. A salesperson at a local jewelry store showed me how it works. It was so easy that I was sold. This is going to be money well spent.

You don’t have to have a lot of fancy bells and whistles for an everyday watch. Maybe if you are a diver or race car driver, you need something incredible. For everyday use, the automatic works just fine. I got so into my new watch that I decide to use it as a theme for a new painting. The watch floated in the center of the painting against a brightly-colored background. The color palette was blue and orange. It was a lot of fun. I showed it to the watch dealer and he immediately wanted to buy it to hand in the store. Wow! I bought a watch and made some money. It was almost break even.

Now my husband wants an automatic watch and also my neighbor. They are discovering, with me as an example, the many benefits. Maybe the watch dealer will offer a group discount. These watches are not terribly expensive, but any savings helps. If I got together a group of buyers, he said he would do the deal. I was now thinking very practically. Buying in bulk always makes economic good sense. Now that the hullabaloo about an automatic watch is over, I can get back to my crafts projects. I have a lot in store with the holidays coming. This is the most creative time of the year. I have a lot of gifts on my list and I make each and every one. I made some drawings of watches in cartoon style for the kids and some watercolors for the neighbors. I am always flattered when people want to hang my art. I guess I make a modest living while having a good time.

The time has come to close this blog and leave you with a reminder. If you want to stay on schedule and have to rely on your automatic watch, you won’t be disappointed.