Art And Craft

Crafting in Motion

Crafts are my life and I do them on a daily basis by necessity. I draw and paint, make gifts for others, decorate my apartment, and just try to create a more interesting environment in my life. If you have a bit of talent and a lot of ingenuity, you can do the same. If I see an unadorned item, my brain starts swirling with ideas: I see shapes and form, lines and colors. They soon materialize into reality in new form. I redo old objects I am tired of and find new used items at the antique store to become subjects of artistic transformation. It is more than fun. It is rewarding and fulfilling. What else would I do in my free time?

People who visit my abode make comments all the time and more than once they have left with a coveted object. Fine with me. Art is for everyone. I don’t just do it to pass the time. If someone wants to live with my handiwork, so much the better. Lately, I have been seeking a new project on a grander scale. Maybe I will decorate my front door and the adjacent window shutters. You can turn a dull façade into an exciting residential focal point in minutes. Crafts apply to everything. The difference between fine art and crafts is that the latter can be of a utilitarian nature. That being said, a supreme example of this is a city bike like these I have upscaled and transformed by painting it and recovering the old torn saddle. I see crafting in motion every time I ride it. I also get many requests for similar bikes from moms who want to gift them to their teenage girls. I literally get stopped in the street. They have custom themes and colors in mind. It is great fun. There is no end to what you can adorn a bicycle with. Let your imagination carry you afar.

This has happened often enough that I am seriously considering refurbishing bikes as a little side business. If I can get the city bikes cheap enough at the used dealer, I can make a handsome profit. Paint doesn’t cost that much, but then there is the leather for jazzing up the seat. It takes about a day or two to complete a restoration or beautification as I call it. I can go arty and girly, frilly and ornate, or do something modern and geometric. Everyone has different taste and I am learning more about what people like so I can have the right samples. I can ride them about town which will get automatic interest or I can display them in my front yard, or ask the local cycling store if they wouldn’t mind adding them to their inventory. Right now, this is my project of choice, so get one while they are hot and before I tire of the concept. But then I will have something new to offer you.