Art And Craft

Improvising vs Planning

Crafting is seriously the one thing I would say has been changing my life for the better since always. I like to think that I somehow knew how important it would be to me, so that’s why I got interested in it so young, and I don’t regret a single thing!

It was hard to find like-minded people at the beginning, after my peers started finding other hobbies and considered they were “too old” for arts and crafts, but it was okay because I knew that it wasn’t for everyone, and people were eventually bound to move on if it wasn’t their thing. But, those who stayed have made the biggest difference in my life. They were my best friends. Some of them still are, and I see them often at the Arts&Crafts fairs.

I used to be a big planner, and crafts were my way to let my creativity roam free and revel in that satisfactory feeling of having created something lasting. But, you know, I used to plan my crafting projects as well! I used to plan out almost every little detail, have this big concept in my mind, sort out all the supplies I’d need and put aside the rest so as to not become overwhelmed or tempted to change my mind and ruin it, and even though I enjoyed the process, I have to say, most of the things I felt were lacking soul.

When I realized this, I felt defeated. My most favorite hobby had become a source of disappointment for a while. This was new to me. I felt like I just wanted to throw them all away or get a badass mean electric knife and destroy them somehow. How aggressive. But they were too precious to me to do such a thing. So after talking to my friend Adrienne, I decided to do the scary thing – improvise.

Oh my, was that scary the first time! I had to learn how to think intuitively and use my creativity and my hands at the same time, not the one after the other like before. It was a very big step outside of my comfort zone. The most difficult thing was not giving up, it made me question everything about arts and crafts.

But, I was persistent. The first few pieces were okay, not perfect, but I continued improving, and soon after I felt like myself again! Phew! This was a major thing, and now I’m enjoying it even more!